Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Pleasures of a Crafting Geek!

Sometimes it seems like I can get a ton of stuff done and others as if I can go weeks and nothing seems to progress. This past few weeks has been some where in the middle.
I sincerely wanted to get a ton of stitching done, but that didn't happen. But I did manage enough to satisfy the stitching bug.

The relief of learning that my sweet Dean does not have cancer, combined with having to stay with him so much has got all my crafty thoughts flowing with ideas.

My re-start of SKThe Spider Queen started out rocky. All that test stitching last month after the frogging (the stitchers F word I think, even though it isn't 4 letters!), and when I began stitching it looked terrible to me.
I asked some stitchy friends in a group on facebook for advice but it wasn't much help, which is unusual, but happens. I decided to keep going and see how it went, based largely on the beautiful work of one person who responded. Seeing her results inspired me to keep trying.
Below are the results. My tension is finally evening out. Of course as soon as I got into I realized I was missing one color. I had it before and must have 'loaned' it to another project and not made myself a note. I went on, and while I didn't get scads done it is improving.
At least the colors are vibrant!

Up next is my nativity, which had been set aside but saw a little bit of work this time around, though not much.
Every little bit helps.

My Blue and White Sampler saw so little work that I didn't take a pic this time.
I am basically unable to stitch today due to pain or I would be working on the UFO/SWIP/New Start monthly SAL on my facebook group. Boo, hoping I can pick up with it in a day or two.

In sort of stitchy related crafting news I decided to do an ort jar this year.
I found some old never used jelly jars and lids in a box in the shed and that seemed about right but it wasn't pretty so I had to do something crafty with it.
I've seen these on the web and stuff and worked out a way to do mine without hot glue, since I'm out of glue sticks.
It would have been prettier if I'd painted the lid ring but I had no paint so this is what it looks like at the moment. The Jar:
And the Lid:

And yes, I forgot to take a pic of it all together! Sorry.

In other crafting news I joined a vintage sewing machine group a week or two ago and finally got up enough courage to ask about the sweet vintage sewing machine that belonged to my husband's grandmother. It ran but I've always been scared to use it for fear of messing it up. Through them I've learned how to clean it up and oil it, so I expect I will be using this little tank for years to come. I was even able to find a manual!
Here is a pic of her not yet cleaned up.

I can't wait to sew on her. I'm thinking quilt, should the budget ever loosen up enough to buy quilting cotton!

Happy Sewing, Stitching and Crafting my Friends.


Christy said...

So glad to hear the news about Dean! xx Your stitching looks lovely, as usual, and I can't wait to see what you'll do with your sewing machine. If I can learn to quilt, I will have to join you. :)

Mama Dog said...

Christy, it was a relief, though there is a possibility he will have more of these things in the future. The hard part now is getting him through the reovery.
I have never pieced a quilt on the machine. I've quilted one on the machine, but piecing I always did by hand, and I haven't done that in some time. It sounds fun and a lot quicker. Quilting was the first craft I ever learned on my own. My father taught my Mother and I to crochet when I was in the 2nd grade. Now, I wonder where my rotary cutter is?

Julie said...

Good news about Dean.
The nativity looks beautiful as is your vintage sewing machine. I hope you get lots of use from that.

Anonymous said...

Great news about Dean!
I'm making one of those mason jar pin cushion tops right now! Great idea there.
Congrats on finally getting the Dressmaker out! I know you've been dreaming of that for yonks. Can't wait to see what sort of quilt you decide on. Will you go for a biggie, or something smaller first?


Mama Dog said...

Thanks Julie, it is such a great feeling that it wasn't malignant! I'm enjoying the ease of the nativity, how simple it is to pick up for only a few minutes and then put back down.
I'm also looking forward to some quality time getting used to the sewing machine after so long on computerized machines.
And Jessie, it will definitely be a few small projects before I try anything large!
I'm going to make a couple of more projects with the jelly jars too Jessie. Another pincushion one for the sewing machines and probably one with a pretty wrapper for holding buttons.