Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A quick morning post

Just because I am excited about something and want to share!
As I was sitting half asleep and checking my E-mail earlier this morning I found this lovely surprise in my mail. She reminds me of A Girl with a Pearl Earring, but has her own special magic.

A special way to start the day.
Needle Maiden has been number 1 on my wishlist (I only keep one Must Have on the list) for only a few weeks, but she has been on my wishlist since she came out.
A big thank you to Theresa, aka PuppyStitcher for sending her my way.
Needle Maiden is a Dahlig design and is available from Heaven and Earth Designs here.
Now, 26 skeins of black will be needed. That part is a bit scarey. I'm looking forward to her though. She needs starting.
Never mind about not having new starts. lol. My rotation is loose this year and there has been more than one. Besides, as long as I'm working on something I love stitching it is all good. She will be stitched in honor of two special dogs in my life, since that is part of what sent her my way. Shadow, we will miss you always, and Gizmo (otherwise known as He Who Must Be Obeyed), because they have added so much to my life.

I know she is a little dark but I love this piece. Now I don't know what vision the artist had in mind and I've seen at least two discussions about the meaning of this lady but I leave that to you to decide, a feminist statement, a darker meaning, just an engrossing piece of art?


Unknown said...

She is hypnotizing. Quite beautiful, and a little dark. But must agree, she is a piece that is certain to generate much discussion

Have a Grand New Start.

Anonymous said...

Dark or not I think she is going to be a must have on my wishlist.
I do hope you can come up with a bit of fabric for her soon.


Mama Dog said...

Melinda, I agree, hypnotizing is exactly the right word.

Meg, I did come up with some fabric last Thursday, but it is 14ct. and will be huge.


Anonymous said...


Oh, I think you just made me cry. :) I just found your blog, and when I read that you are dedicating this work to your precious dogs since they were part of the reason I sent her to you, my eyes just started to tear up. What a beautiful way to remember our precious furbabies!

I hope you enjoy stitching her!

aka "puppystitcher"

Mama Dog said...

Teresa, I don't know how I completely missed this comment from you. While I don't like to make anyone cry, I'm happy that you are pleased. I love my sweet furbabies and I can't think of a better way to honor them. Each time I stitch on the maiden I will be thinking of them a little bit.

Mama Dog said...
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