Monday, July 30, 2012

A finish And New Starts

First up is a small finish.

I fell in love with the idea of doing a memorial piece in memory of my daughter Jade and it seemed appropriate to stitch a piece made as a memorial. My DH helped to pick the lovely bright blue and I am very happy to have stitched this piece.

Here is a pic of the finished piece.
You will have to click the pic as usual to get a better view.

There are two new starts to talk about.
The first is DH's Dragon Rip by Stokes. He experimented with  28 ct. evenweave and didn't really like it, so decided on 14 ct. aida. He stitches with really tight tension so he is doing it with 4 strands. Here is a pic of him with his fabric.

That is the top of his head at the top above the fabric.

DH wanted me to make a new start with him so I picked Glamour, which I was planning to begin on our anniversary in September. I am doing it differently this time. 18 ct. and working the background in 4 over one tent stitch, or rather basketweave stitch and will probably do regular 2 over 1 crosses for the main picture. I could take a pic but the background stitching and my fabric color are so similar I don't think it would show very  well.

And to wrap up, a pic of He Who Must Be Obeyed.

Happy Stitching this week.


sharine said...

Beautiful finish!

Anonymous said...

Love the finish. It really helps to have a smaller project going while you are stitching all really big projects. Congratulations.
Your husbands new start looks interesting, as does yours, especially with the half stitch.


Unknown said...

I love your piece - your special piece. So beautiful. Can't wait tosee DH's stitching. And also super excited to see Glamour with the different background and main. This is so exciting

Emma/Itzy said...

A lovely finish - well done. Look forward to see how dragon rip comes out, my other half wants me to do it for him.

Anonymous said...


Your memorial to your beautiful daughter is gorgeous.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Dragon Rip coming to life. And he's really going to look lifelike on 14 count! And I think that was a wonderful idea of your husband's -- for you to start a new project along with him starting his. That should be a lot of fun for both of you. :)

Teresa :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your memorial! What a lovely idea to stitch one for someone you loved. I think I may have to do that myself now.

The new starts are wonderful, I'll be keeping an out for both of them.

Mama Dog said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Melinda, I really enjoyed doing this as a special piece, it made me more careful with every stitch.
Emma, I am so relieved my husband wants to stitch this one for himself! 57 skeins of black! It will be double that with him stitching 4 over but I think will be beautiful.
Teresa, I thought it was sweet of him, and that he really wanted my new start to be Glamour, our 10th anniversary piece.

Anonymous said...

Do you only stitch HAED's? I've seen a GK and your special project (thanks for the link) but mostly HAED's. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering that too. Are there other pattern companies you use or do you just stick to HAED's?

Mama Dog said...

Actually I do enjoy stitching things other than HAED's but that, as they say, is a long story. I'll try to remember to get into that the next time I update the blog.

Pierre said...

Thankss great blog post