Sunday, July 22, 2012

Confessions of a stitching geek (long post)

It's true, I am a stitching geek. I spend way too much time thinking about stitching, planning to stitch, looking at others stitching projects. Just this morning I was looking through the older Finishes pages on the HAED bulletin board. They go back a long way. I had to stop because I was afraid I'd start to add things to my wish list.

But that isn't what I meant to talk about! Let me tell you about my past week. On Monday it was back to work after vacation for a bit of a long day. I really wanted to do up a sample of half cross on 18 count aida since I couldn't find one, and since I had to pick up a script for hubby at the Walmart pharmacy I also got a cheapie 18 ct. bookmark to experiment on. Which with my neck pain was a mistake since stitching on it put me down for the night. No stitching on Tues. a tiny bit on Wed. on Cheryl's Bouquet, like 25 stitches. Same Thurs. but a few more stitches.

Friday morning, about 15 minutes before I left for work, huge back spasm. It passed, I felt sore but was sure it was done, so I went to work (early again), cause hey, an extra 2 hours would have been nice. About 3 hours in, barely able to walk around for the weird back pain I was having,  another spasm, this as I was walking down the hall, right in front of my bosses boss. So embarrassing. Then another, and another, and then I came home and DH had to help me up the stairs an into the recliner.

Now what, pray tell us Karen, does this have to do with stitching?

After much resting, and some pills and a few hours I was sore, still stuck in the recliner and bored, bored, bored. The laptop, that I still haven't quite gotten used to, to the rescue. I went to Facebook and found that Michelle Sayetta was playing freebie fairy in a big way. I dutifully checked my E-mail, saw no freebie chart, and went back to Facebook to see what everyone else was getting and congratulate them. Since Facebook thoughtfully sends all that posting on the HAED SAL and the HAED Addiction groups to my E-mail I figured I'd go clear that out. And just luckily came across this from Michelle.

Isn't she pretty? She is available here.
Winter Rose Fairy by Zindy Nielsen
She was a brand spanking new release on Friday, so obviously she wasn't on my wish list.

She is so pretty and really cheered me up. I've never done business with a company quite like Heaven and Earth, they are truly amazing.

This did make me realize I should add a favorite next to my name though. See, I feel guilty for getting such a lovely new pretty. My DH says he'd like to have Dragon Rip by Stokes. He has said it multiple times. He even says he will stitch it, which I have doubts there, but he can stitch beautifully.

So I will buy it for him when we can afford new patterns. Possibly I will have it made into a mini, so that it will be a bit quicker stitch for him. Until then I made it a fav on my wish list, just in case. I've seen it as a tattoo on Stokes web site and I'm surprised he hasn't decided he wants to do that.

Well, this has gotten very long. I expect to finish Cheryl's bouquet this week if nothing goes wrong and will post a pic when it is finished.


Emma/Itzy said...

After seeing all the beautiful charts everyone got I decided last night to sit and make my wish list.

Four hours later I had 164 charts on there...I best get saving!

Em x

Mama Dog said...

Emma, I know just what you mean. I did the same thing at first, then ruthlessly trimmed it down to my top 10. Now it is back over 25, probably because I keep seeing all these beautiful wip's, but what are we to do?
But don't feel badly, I looked at one wish list just this week that had over 500 on it! It is just too fun.

Unknown said...

Winter Rose is beautiful, what a wonderful gift, they are the most generous of people.

How did the 18 ct stitching go?

Prayers for strength.

Mama Dog said...

I still haven't finished the 18 count test,but I will get around to it. 4 strands makes a nice half cross but my tension was terrible. It did a little better with the basketweave way of doing it, which would be cool for lots of same color background.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd ever put somone else's wish chart out there, I think I'm too selfish. . .Your a sweetheart Karein, I hope your husband gets the chart.

Mama Dog said...

Be sure I will buy it for him as soon as we have a little extra money.
I can be fairly selfish myself when it comes to stitching but I've been so blessed with wonderful RAK's this year that I think I can spare a wish for the DH.