Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Advice needed, and an update

Well, today is the day in the rotation when I should be working on Frederic the Literate. Unfortunately the neck shoulder area is out of commission again, as happens with depressing regularity. The pain had gotten so intense by lunch that I was calling DH to ask him to have the heating pad ready for me when I got home. So poor Frederic is not being worked on this evening. But...There is a small problem with Frederic's fabric.

 It is so stiff that it makes my left hand cramps to work on it for just a little while. I've never had this happen, usually I can wad up a piece of stiff aida a few times to loosen the starch, and it is fine. It has never happened before and if I could work in a hoop I'd probably love that.  Any advice on how to loosen this up short of washing? I've never washed aida before a project so I'm wary of that. So, any advice would be appreciated.

The new rotation is going along just fine. I'm considering giving a good deal of extra time to Mini Soul Mates though since DH would like to have that one in his man cave when we actually make him a man cave next year.

Here is a pic of the Blue and White sampler after I fixed my boo boo at the end of its rotation. I finally did remember to take a pic this morning before work.

And here is a pic of Basilisk after its rotation ended yesterday.

Click as usual for a better view. I was almost able to finish the next row, but not quite. I do love stitching this pattern even if the confetti makes my slow stitching even slower.

The RAK thing is still going on for HAED over on face book and they still have a sale on if you are taking part in that. I wanted to but didn't join because I simply don't have the funds right now. It looks like everyone is having great fun though and you still have time to join if you'd like to.

That is all for tonight.

Happy Stitching everyone.


Anonymous said...

As much as I adore your Basilisk I don't think I want to work that much confetti! Love seeing your updates though. The blue and white looks lovely to.
I'm sorry your having so much pain right now. I don't know how you can work with this disease, much less cross stitch. You amaze me.


Mama Dog said...

Lynn, I'm sure you'd stitch Basilisk just fine. It is just one stitch at a time and becomes addictive after a bit.
I really like the blue and white. It feels weird to be stitching it again.
Thanks for your kind words. I am still unable to stitch right now. I was hoping someone would post some ideas on how to fix Frederic's fabric but I'm afraid the Captcha thing has put people off. I have to do it to post a reply and it gets on my nerves!

Anonymous said...

Just wet it down(Frederick). I'm pretty sure that will work out. I think you are right about the capthca thing, I hate it and don't usually comment when I have to do one. But since no one else made a suggestion I figured I would.


Mama Dog said...

Thanks Rhonda. I actually ran a bit of cool water over him yesterday morning. It just ran off like it was a plate. lol. It is almost dry now and still feels stiff, but I think now as stiff.

I googled and apparently no one has done this or else will admit to having done it. So, I figured I'd just try it and see what happens. Stitching goof strikes again. lol
Note: It usually takes 3 trys for me to get the capthca right. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Karen I have washed my aida in the middle of a project before and it has come to no harm


Mama Dog said...

Thanks for letting me know Liz. I had thought I'd responded to your comment already but if so it is lost in space. Frederick seems to be ok, I haven't stitched on him yet though, so will let you, and anyone who is interested, know when I do.