Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

I've had a lovely day off as a birthday present to myself. I cheated a bit and started my birthday start a little early to coincide with the new start SAL on HAED and so I actually have a pic to share of about a week's work.

I think I may be getting hooked on these charts with borders. And confetti. I'm very much enjoying working on it and I'm just about to get down to the bird's head, as I started in the upper left for a change. I was sure I'd begin this one in the middle but it just wanted to be started on page one.

Unfortunately Frederick didn't fare so well. I got caught up in Tree of Life, on top of which I messed up the first bit of back stitchng and will have to take it out and do over. Sad.

The fabric is really stiff, but that will work out. Both pieces will go into the rotation that begins on Oct. First. I'm not sure what I will be working on till then.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Lynn. I didn't buy anything as starting Tree of Life was my present, as well as having the day off.  I did toy with my wishlist and consider buying either a black and white or a Halloween chart (there is one mini that could fit into both categories) but the budget has to be kept to, and it isn't as if I need a new chart, or don't have anything to work on!

I found a new (to me) place with some nice charts. Shiney Sun. Eye Candy. Has anyone used the?

Happy stitching weekend everyone!

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