Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend stitching thoughts

Well, about 3 full days without being able to stitch, and as usual my wishlist grew. Today begins Glamour's 3 day stretch, with poor Freddie having seen only about 30 or 40 stitches during his time.

I did run water over him to try and wash away some of the sizing, but didn't soak him or anything. It feels a little less stiff so perhaps next time it will go a bit easier.

I've sent an e-mail to HAED to find out if The Eternal Promise has been requested as a mini. I may save up and have it done as one if it hasn't. After we finish saving up for DH's game in November. Until then I can't spend a penny extra.(It was really hard resisting buying a bag of Halloween candy!) But I am thinking Eternal Promise would make a nice mini, and then I could afford to kit it up. And might actually finish it someday.

Right now I am day dreaming about what I will kit up next. I am going to be measuring up to see if I have a piece of 18 ct. that is big enough for The Black, which would make kitting it a snap, and very inexpensive . I think the 18 ct. is large enough but I may have to settle for only 2 inches around instead of 3. But that isn't the piece I am speaking of kitting up.

The options are Eternal Promise (of course), Pals, QS Christmas Venice nights, Day/Night, mini Ariadne, the Spangler from the freebie SAL. There is also the three charts I bought a couple of years ago before the budget stopped budging. So that would be A gift for the unicorn king, (restarting) Anal Nathrac and SK Lost Melody.

That is, assuming I don't cave and join the Shineysun SAL for next year on fb(Just Raven would be my choice at the moment), or if HAED does a SAL for next year and has something I don't want to resist. Maybe I can figure out how to do one of those polls like so many others do? And let you guys help me choose.

There is also the problem of QS dragon soul, which, if you looked at the pic, you probably saw that there is a page line, which has never happened to me before. I've read about it, seen pics of it, and am still clueless as to why this happened. So I will either begin stitching block by block only or going straight across as I am on mini Soul Mates and Needle Maiden. Thoughts on that? It will definitely require some changes in my already begun projects.

And speaking of Soul Mates, I haven't worked out yet how I'm going to give her more time and still stick with my rotation. So back to the drawing board on that. Suggestions

All that is based on actually being able to stitch again soon at my normal rate. Will have to wait and see what develops on that front.

Off to look at other people's stitchy blogs.

Happy Stitching everyone!


sharine said...

To many choices and not enough time:)

Emma/Itzy said...

So many charts and never enough time to stitch them, unless I win the lottery so don't have to work anymore ;)

Mama Dog said...

You are both right of course. I feel quite decadent having so many to choose from. And not nearly enough time to stitch everything I'd like to.

Emma, if I won the lottery I'd then just buy more charts so the dilemma would be the same! But what fun it would be to have all that time.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear back from HAED regarding mini Eternal Promise. I've been checking here every day. I've never done a HAED design but that will be my first if it is done in mini.


Mama Dog said...

Catherine, After reading you comment I have contacted HAED again just one minute ago. Will let you know if and when I get a response. I am using the contact form on the HAED website both times.

Mama Dog said...

Catherine. Michelle Sayetta, the owner at HAED has said on FB that it has not. It will be my first mini request but not right away as I have only one dollar in my stitchy fund right now. lol. If anyone beats me to it I will post on my blog so you will know.

Anonymous said...

Just a FYI -- I just went ahead and requested and paid for a mini of Eternal Promise.

I don't need it, as I have the original version of that pattern (titled "Arwen and Aragorn") but it sounds like several stitchers are hoping for a mini of it. (Not just here but on other blogs/boards as well).

So I guess it's just an early Xmas gift from me to everyone else who is interested. :)


Mama Dog said...

Teresa, that is so sweet of you. If it is alright with you I will post on the official HAED board on Facebook so those ladies can know to.

Mama Dog said...

Also, I think I detect Molly's paw in this.

Anonymous said...

Molly definitely had a paw in this... the little stinker.

I just need to teach her how to send *me* gifts, LOL!

I'm just kidding -- she's a gift to me every single day. :)


Anonymous said...

Oops -- forgot to say it's fine if you want to post the news on the Facebook page. That way at least whoever is interested there will know it should be out soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks Teresa. I see my first HAED coming very soon.