Monday, April 22, 2013

Inspired To Stitch!

Now if I can only find the time!

There is still a lot happening keeping life busy. (I'm doing phone business right now, and waiting on calls.) Somehow I always thought that if I were off of work I'd have just loads of time for fun stitching and crafty stuff, but life has a way of filling in all that time.

But, I have been stitching, and being inspired to stitch. I think I have probably committed myself to a one day a week SAL beginning in June. I will update you on that when I know more.

This morning I was the lucky and surprised recipient of this adorable beauty.

Thank you so much Christie! I love, love, love it!
Well, we all know I have a sort of a thing for animal charts, with dogs being right at the top of my list. This chart is from Tilton Crafts. It is the first I've had from them, though I have several on my wishlist, and have for some time. The format is great and the pages appear easy to see. As an added bonus there is a sale, and proceeds from this one went to the Red Cross in Boston, so Christie and other are being a double blessing.

Other inspiration has come my way by seeing pictures of 3 very different HAED mini's completed in the past few days. They all look amazing.

So here is my little bit of stitching, fitted in wherever I can find time. I've also done a bit on my HAED BB sal piece but haven't included a photo today since I am in a confetti spot and there isn't much to show yet.

First, a little bit of Frederick:

It was night when I took the pic and the flash didn't do him any favors but he was stitched on and it was quite enjoyable except the black on black was a little boring.

Next is my bit of work on All Dogs Go To Heaven:

Fairly straight forward stitching on the blue at this point and I really enjoyed it, which is odd since I usually prefer a little confetti. Never-mind though, it is coming!

Stitching related, I sorted through a bunch of scraps and fat quarters to find the right fabric to frame God Bless in and came up with this one. Hopefully it will get stitched up this week as time allows.

I wanted a more country look and thought this quilting scrap fit the mood, though at the last minute I almost went with a Christmas look instead.

Well I had planned to put up a quick review of my Janome 8050 sewing machine today but this is getting picture heavy and I seem to be running out of time. I will definitely do that next time