Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Projects, Projects, and then more. . .

You get the idea.

Last week I started the black and white Mini Cheshire Cat I was RAK'd some time back. It only got one day though, so no pic. Life just got so busy.
It should look like this one of these days.
I've also added a tiny bit of stitching to QS Mystic Garden.

A bit of a dark pic but it was not bright out.

And here is a pic of the tablecloth that I forgot to post time before last. Only just begun.

I'd forgotten how it is to do a stamped pattern and I'm not sure if I am enjoying it or not, but so far so good. Have you ever done one of these? I used to do the pillow cases and table runners when I was a teen, and I have a pillowcase set unopened in plastic that I got on sale a while ago. That would probably be a bit more instant gratification than the table cloth.

Speaking of instant gratification, my husband and I went and picked me up a sewing machine on Sat. after mine broke down on Friday. Now we shouldn't have spent the money as we really didn't have it to spare, but in the interest of using what I've got I worked on my Taffy Blouse. I'll do a post on that soon. The sewing machine had to be inexpensive and had to be a Janome (New Home) if at all possible. I'm hooked on their quality. I found a pretty basic one I wanted, with great reviews from pretty much everyone, then realized it was still more than I could spend. So I resigned myself to looking at the ad for my local Hancock Fabrics and choosing something that was on sale in my price range. Lo and Behold, the very machine I was wanting. With sale and discount it was nearly one third off and that is what we bought. The Janome 8050 does not of course compare to the machine I had, that was, lets face it, well over a thousand dollars more expensive even years ago. But it is a nice little machine and so far I'm really happy with it. I will do a thorough review of it for those interested after I have played-er-sewn with it for a few weeks more. For now I'll just say it sews beautifully, and makes a nice buttonhole.
So I decided to whip up a quick hot mat with some paneled fabric I had, since we need some of these for placing warm things on the glass shelves of our refrigerator.  I did only the one today as an experiment and it is reversible with some poly batting.
Here are some pics of it.

 I added a loop for hanging at the last minute. I need regular sized hot pads for picking up hot things and coasters as well so maybe I'll try those soon.

Wow, this is getting so long. I still have to show you the table and my sad attempt with one of those bias maker things. I even took pics, but I think that I will save that for another day since I've let this one get a bit pic heavy and long. I did warn you I had a lot of projects going on! Can't seem to settle to one thing for long but it does relax me to be working on something so I'm making time when I can. A stressful couple of weeks and did I mention that on top of it all my dryer is acting up? Yep, definitely need the de-stressing time.

Happy Stitching to you all.


sharine said...

Lots of beautiful projects:)

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Sharine. I'm afraid I've been getting carried away and need to settle down. It is fun though, and distracting.

Julie said...

The tablecloth looks very pretty.
Enjoy playing with your new machine.

Anonymous said...

Good job that you can get anything done! I don't think I could focus with all you've had going this year. I love the hot mat. Isn't it gratifying to sit down and do something start to finish?
I've done a few stamped pieces over the years and I love them. They finish up prettily and last for ages. Now I want to go buy some. Off to check and see if anyone has a sale or coupon!

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Julie, it has been a little while and now I stitch without a frame or hoop so it will be interesting to see how it comes out.

Anonymous, I hope you found/find something fun to stitch with. Thanks for answering.