Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stitching Mojo Return!

I sent my first RAK back at Easter and it was a wonderful feeling to be able to return some of the kindness I have been shown over the past year. Then, out of the blue, someone sent me one. I won't name names as I don't think she would want me to. Still, it came at just the right moment, when I was having a down time and feeling dumb for a mistake I'd made.

Not only did it cheer me up, but when it came to me it brought my stitching mojo back with it! If you've ever had yours disappear then you know what a surprise and pleasure that was.

Here is the chart:

This is All Dogs Go To Heaven, by Heaven and Earth Designs.
Back story is that I've had this chart on my wish list in the past, then took it off, on, off. I was afraid the lighter colors just wouldn't come out well, and that the dogs wouldn't be really clear. But then someone posted their finish on Face Book. Wow, beautiful. So it went back on my wish list and I was blessed enough to have it sent to me right after that.

I didn't need another new start but I thought it couldn't hurt to just check and see how many of the colors I had. I only needed 8 colors, a total of 15 skeins. That my dear stitchy friends, was a sign. I know you'll agree!
Anywho...I did not have much fabric to choose from. There was a piece of 28 ct. but it wasn't quite big enough. But I did have a rather large piece of 14 ct. Aida. Usually when I use 14 ct. I use 3 strands for full coverage, but this time I'm going old school. 2 strands on 14 ct. aida, just like back when I first learned to stitch.
Here is the first wip pic.

I'm calling this a page finish. Yep. I generally begin on the right side of a chart and stitch the last page of the first row of pages first, then the second to last, etc. across to the first page. Then I like to go back and stitch the last page of the second row of pages, etc. My page was only 12 stitches wide but darn it, this is a page finish!

On the sewing front I still haven't taken pictures of the Taffy blouse. I have finally finished the Meringue skirt, putting in the last catch stitches today. When I get a pic I will post it, along with a sort of review. So two patterns from The Colette Sewing Handbook are down.

There will be a brief (hopefully) interruption in my plans to sew all 5 patterns because DH went and treated me to a surprise.
The pattern and fabric for a dress. I had just discovered this pattern yesterday:

Re-Release of a 60's pattern. Hubby came home from work and asked if I wanted to go to the store with him, I agreed, and he took me to the fabric store and told me to pick what I wanted. The simplicity patterns were on sale for  $1.00 so I couldn't resist. We picked out the fabric. This was love at first sight. Purple lt. to med. weight denim. Love! Zipper and thread were bought too, and I will be ready to go as soon as I have time.

I did take pics of the denim but they all refused to show the color so I see no reason to post them.

What about you? Has spring got you changing your routine? Making new starts, pulling out old ufo's or swip's? Doing a different craft than your usual? I've been looking at crochet patterns and that is forbidden territory but I can't resist just looking.

I will try to remember to take a pic of the top and skirt and put it up this week. It ought to be easy but DH has been sick, there has been insurance stuff, and now looking for a used car, plus all the usual stuff, and I forget. Also, seriously, I'm really enjoying the housework and doing things around the house and cooking. Even dishes don't seem so bad, so I find myself lingering over stuff I used to rush through. Huh?

Happy Stitching this week. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves.


sharine said...

Love those retro patterns and can't wait to see what you come up with. I only wish I could sew:)

Anonymous said...

Glad your mojo is visiting!
I love that pattern! I remember my Mom and particularly my Aunt wearing dresses like that. Must have it! Thanks for sharing it.


Anonymous said...

Love the new start and that your mojo is coming back. I've been having some crochet thoughts myself with spring blossoming around me. I haven't sewn anything for a couple of months but I think I have to try this dress for my daughter. Unfortunately it doesn't come in a big enough size to fit me but she would be adorable in it.


Mama Dog said...

Thanks everyone. The pattern is really cute and I'm looking forward to sewing it.
Sharine, your stitching is so wonderful that you don't have to sew! But if you ever have time you can always take a beginners class, or teach yourself how. I sew in spurts as a rule.
Rhonda my Aunt C. used to wear stuff like that too. Of course she was tiny and cute.
Lynn, I'm sure it will be really cute on your daughter. I can barely fit the pattern myself and will have to adjust the bust larger, and probably the waist too.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love All Dogs Go To Heaven. I can see why you couldn't resist starting it.
The dress pattern is classic and adorable. I hope your having a great time with all of this, and that you have had time, with all you said you have to do this week!
I am working on kits this week and that is fun. I am thinking I'm going to browse around for more. I love when everything comes together in one package! Oh, and I'm looking forward to your take on the Colette patterns.