Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The end of the first 5 hours rotation.

My little update on the Blue and White sampler.
At 2 or so hours:

And at 5 or so hours:
This pick is a little more true on the colors, but not perfect.

I'm not sure yet what I'll pick up next. It is back to work tomorrow so there will be even less stitching time. I'll be sure to update you when I know.

Until then Happy Stitching my friends.


Julie said...

So beautiful and pretty, you've been busy.

Mama Dog said...

Thank you. I almost hate to put it down.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I don't think that is at all bad for 5 hours.


Unknown said...

Haven't been reading blogs in awhile, I love this Blue And White. It is so beautiful.

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Melinda. It has been a favorite for a long time. I'm happy to be stitching it again.