Monday, October 29, 2012

A very heartfelt thank you

To Stitching Sister. She has sent me a gift certificate to 123stitch to finish purchasing the floss for my mini The Eternal Promise. I was so gobsmacked when I opened my e-mail at work today and saw this. Thank you Stitching Sister. I was having a terrible morning/day and this just perked me up unbelievably. Felt bad, car problems, massive headache and then this sweet thoughtful surprise. Sometimes people are so kind. I can't wait for the day I can do stuff like this and the RAK's for others.

I will likely not be posting for a week or two since I also have massive eye-strain and shouldn't be using the computer except at work.

Love to you all
Happy stitching


Anonymous said...

Hi, Karen,

You are very welcome. I'm so glad that it brightened your day.

Hope you feel better soon!

Love, a friend

Mama Dog said...

Thank you so much. I was so surprised, and it certainly did brighten my day! I must get off the computer, I'm sneaking since I'm not supposed to, but I was hoping you would post. It is wonderful to have friends.

Anonymous said...

Tried to send you a QS as a thank you for sending me the old cross stitching magazine. I can't believe that you had that and would part with it. Thank you so much.
The HAED site was down again though and I couldn't send it. Going out of town today so I don't know when it will be. Will have to wait for the next sale.


Mama Dog said...

Rhonda, I'm glad you enjoyed your magazine. Please don't worry about sending me anything. I hope you enjoy your trip.