Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Final Stitching Treat

Totally unexpected, but husband approved!
LOL, DH and I know we are having to cut back even more. As a sort of final treat he got himself a video game he wanted. I've had enough treats that I didn't even think I needed one, but I've got one none the less and have to share with everyone.

It took me only minutes to decide on it and get the order placed. My first order with Tilton Crafts, while their sale is still on. I ordered 2 RAK's and got myself a chart. I had super customer service as I'd made a mistake on my form re the RAK's and she fixed it, even though I'd placed the order after 8:30 pm on a Sat. evening!
I was dead certain of what I wanted when I went to place the order. I wanted Master! I especially wanted it. I'm going to post a photo of it. So why didn't I buy it?

I like everything about it! I want to stitch it. I want to support the artist so that I can buy his Vader as a chart in the future. But when it came time to pick out the chart I was choosing for myself this is what I bought.

She has been on my wish list for some time. Above her on my list was Amris and Master. So why did I choose Fantasy Blue?

I have no idea, but she is mine now, and I'm so glad! When DH saw her it was instant love. The first words out of his mouth were "You have to get the stuff for this one right away." Well, yay. lol. By stuff he means I have to kit her up as soon as possible. I've no problem with that my stitchy friends!

Now I know the only stichy and craft things I will be getting for the foreseeable future will be floss and a bit of fabric and I find I am perfectly alright with that. I have so much to stitch now I am more than content and a little overwhelmed. 

One of the blogs I love to read has posted recently about her stitching plans and limiting her projects for a little while and it has inspired me to get back to a plan of my own. I think I have it worked out and will tell you about that soon. Meanwhile my stitching mojo is home with a vengeance and I am a happy camper.

This was meant to be a quick little update. Will have more for you soon.

Happy Stitching


Unknown said...

I love The Master but Fantasy Blue is a great chart too, can't wait to see you stitch it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you chose! They are both wonderful charts. If you husband loves it then I know you will be starting it soon. lol. We have to spoil them a little.
And look, I'm all geeky cause the comment above me is from one of my favorite bloggers. lol

Mama Dog said...

Thanks Thea, I think it may be sooner than I had originally expected.
Rhonda, I agree, we have to spoil them a bit, especially when it means stitching something we already want to stitch anyway.
As to being all geeky, lol. Thea probably thinks I'm a stalker since I read her blog, comment there and on facebook! There are 4 or 5 blogs I follow religiously and hers is one of them.

Pull the other thread said...
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Pull the other thread said...

Two great charts there but I do love your choice she looks very mysterious. Looking forward to hearing what your stitching plan will be.

sharine said...

They are both great charts. The choices we have to make lol.

The Crafty Princess said...

I love Fantasy Blue. I recently bought 5 Tilton charts and she was one I kept umming and ahhing about. So I'm thrilled that you will be stitching her. I just started Evening of Romance and really enjoying it. It's my first Tilton chart too.
Good luck with your new start I can't wait to see your first progress pic.
xoxo Alicia

Mama Dog said...

I'm still working out my stitching plan since I don't want to get too ambitious. I love making a plan. lol.
Sharine! Your right but it is so much fun too.
Wow! 5 Tilton Charts. I'd be in heaven. I've seen on your blog all of your great progress. Amazing.
I just got RAK'd my first Tilton chart recently and I'm thrilled to have bought one myself. I want to start both, and a couple of more but I just have too much going already!

Julie said...

How wonderful your hubby takes an interest in your projects and wants you to start this one soon. It is lovely though.

Mama Dog said...

Julie, I feel very lucky that he does take an interest.