Thursday, September 20, 2012

Planning a New Rotation and other Fun Stitchng Thoughts

Having been off of Rotation for a little while now I've had the time to see if I want a rotation at all or want to go back to the old stitch me when I call method. Stitching whatever calls can be fun, but sometimes I find myself picking up the project I was working on yesterday simply because it is easier than putting it away and walking into the next room and picking up another.

Since my projects are stitched in hand there is no frame or anything to deal with, just putting everything back into its tote bag and getting out the next. Pure laziness I'm afraid.

I considered stitching the way I've seen others do. By the page, or work X amount of hours on each project. I even considered, for a few seconds, working only 2 projects at a time! Not for me anymore. I might just as well only work one at a time as I did in the past.

So what did I like? What do I want to do? Well, obviously I like most everything I have. I want to stitch all of them. But even for me, that is not practical. I really enjoyed working on a project for a week at a time, but I didn't get to see much of each project, it was taking to long to work back to them because I have too many. This has been the year of patterns and I have not resisted starting a few of them. Water under the bridge. Now that I have them they have to be dealt with. So.

I loved the 3 day rotation and decided I want to stick with that in some form. I get to work on everything if I want. On the other hand I need some organization so I decided to run my rotation by month. Huh? Well, three days for each project is what I came up with. That would allow me 9 projects a month that would all see some progress. I decided to eliminate wild card day, or rather, to make it a possibility rather than a sure thing.

I've picked 9 charts and included the two that will be new starts (Frederick and Tree of Life).  There is room for one more new start at a later date if I just sort of scooch around and ignore that whole 28 days in Feb. thing. And I've decided not to have a focus piece. Everything gets equal time.

So the list, I literally chose randomly so I wouldn't cheat and put current favorites at the front, goes like this...

1. Blue and White. This is a piece from a magazine. 10 or 12 years ago I stitched half of this and it was then lost in a move so I re-started and then didn't touch it after the first few stitches. Sampler like in two shades of blue.

2. QS Dragon Soul

3. Basilisk

4. Frederick -New

5. Glamour

6. Mini Soul Mates

7. Tree of Life-New

8. Needle Maiden

9. I am Half Sick of Shadows

I plan to start the rotation after I've had a little fun starting Tree of Life at the end of next week, so still on target for Oct.

Hopefully I won't have more than 1 new start in the next year or two (More on that in another post) and eventually things will start to fall off the list as they are finished. Unless I get hooked on one and can't put it down and then everything goes out the window.

Right now I have hurt my stitching hand and have far too much time to think about all of this. Tell me what you all think. Have I taken on too much in my 27 days of stitching? Any suggestions? Does anyone stick to their rotation anymore?

Weekend is coming. Happy stitching everyone!

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