Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ten Year Wedding Anniversary, and of course, Stitching

Friday my DH and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We didn't get to go to the lake or anything but had lots of fun together none the less. 10 years! Where does the time go?

Stitching-wise I got a kit I had been wanting for some time. I have an I Want folder on my browser so that I wont forget where something was or what it was called . I was able to take Frederick the Literate off of there Friday.

He's a cutie, but of course I have zero back stitching skills any more, (they were never that good to begin with) so that part will be challenging. I even thought about stitching in my favorite titles but the ones on there are so cute, and part of its charm, that I decided to leave them. They might not be readable in my wacky back stitching anyway.

Yes I opened it. Couldn't resist. Pattern, two needles, floss. Separated floss I should say, I love that it is pre-sorted and has only to go in my little bags to be ready, so expect to see a pic of this one as a work in progress shortly.

And as a complete surprise, from Sarah P. on one of the Facebook stitching groups I participate in, came this lovely on Sat.

Cat, stitchng, roses, fairy, beautiful gown and lots of blues and lavender. Just about the perfect chart for me. If only she had a pup in there. I do love her though.

Mini Ariadne is the chart I had listed on the RAK list, should anyone ever choose to send me an RAK randomly. I had nearly forgotten the list when this came. And yes, I remembered to remove this chart and update with another. It seems Sarah uses the name Ariadne in her online gaming and so chose to send me this chart because of the name. You just never know when something completely nice is randomly coming your way, do you? Apparently she usually plans to use a random number generator. Don't you just love stitchy folks?

I read today on Facebook of a lady who lost all her patterns, over 82 HAEDs  when her computer had to be cleared and reset. She doesn't even have the ones she was working on as she printed the pages as needed. Michelle of HAED apparently told her she can't help her get them back. A very good object lesson to me to e-mail myself all of my charts so that I have some back up besides a thumb drive.

I do not understand why patterns can't be like books and music, so that if you lose them you can go to your account and download them again. It costs nothing extra on songs and books to go to the artist so why should it on patterns? Very sad all around.

Well, I will be figuring out what my new rotation is going to be, since I plan to start back to a rotation after I make my birthday start on the 28th. So obviously my BD start will be the first piece of my rotation, but I'm unsure after that. I'm thinking QS Dragon Soul for certain, since I've made a rule that I can't start anything until I finish something and Dragon Soul is the closest to being finished. After that I don't know. I want to stitch all of them! lol, greedy again.

Until next time, Happy stitching everyone.

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